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Body Drops

Wanting to take your truck to the next level? Then call us today and let The Drop Shop drop your ride to ground level, literally!

A body drop lowers your body over your chassis and allows the body to sit at ground level when the truck is deflated. The main objective of a body drop is to have the body of your truck lay flat on the ground when your truck is layed out.

Otherwise, if you bag a truck without a body drop, the lowest part of the body is often still several inches from the ground due to its mounting position on the chassis.

And for some, this just isnt low enough.

Body drops can vary in size from a mild 2" drop through to laying doors, which can be 5" or more.

If you want to take your truck to the lowest level possible then a body drop is a must.

When it comes to minitruck body drops you have several different options:

Traditional Body Drop

A traditional body drop is when the original floor and firewall is cut and seperated from
the cab. New rocker panels are then folded up and installed. Once this is complete the original floor and firewall are then re-welded back into place at a selected new height.

Traditional body drop - prices start from $5500 for a drop of 2.5" (inches).

Stock Floor Body Drop

A stock floor body drop is done by removing the whole body of the truck from the chassis. Once this is done the original centre section of chassis where the cab would normally mount is cut out and replaced with a new section of chassis. The new section of chassis is lower in height than the original and will allow the body drop to take place without having to cut the floor from the cab. This will mean you can avoid loosing any head or leg room inside the cab. It also means you can maintain things like your original pedal box, heater and air con with relative ease.

Stock floor body drop - prices start from $6000 for a drop of 2.5" (inches).

New Floor Body Drop

A new floor body drop is very similar to a traditional body drop but instead of re-fitting your original floor we replace it with a new folded sheetmetal floor. It is a popular option if you are looking at smoothing up and detailing the inside and/or underside of your cab.

New floor body drop - prices start from $6000 for a drop of 2.5" (inches).

Extreme Body Drops

The prices shown above are for drops of up to 2.5” inches. Extreme drops more than this can go up in price due to things such as pedal box issues, steering column alignment and other things caused by such large drops.

All prices are in NZ$ (New Zealand Dollars) and include GST unless otherwise indicated. Errors and omissions excepted.