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Custom Air Suspension and Body Modification Services

The Drop Shop offers full air suspension system design, supply and installation, and body services from our workshop in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand.

Air Suspension System Design & Installation


The team at The Drop Shop can design, supply and install an air suspension system to suit any car or truck on the road.
Installs can vary from mild to wild, old school to new school, big or small, the options are endless.

Air Suspension System Servicing & Maintenance


The drop shop offers full air suspension servicing and maintenance. We
recommend twice yearly servicing regardless of how many km’s the
vehicle has done.

Our servicing programme includes the following:

Body Drops

Wanting to take your truck to the next level? Then call us today and let The Drop Shop drop your ride to ground level, literally!

A body drop lowers your body over your chassis and allows the body to sit at ground level when the truck is deflated. The main objective of a body drop is to have the body of your truck lay flat on the ground when your truck is layed out.

Light Conversions

Caddy Lights

Looking to do something different with the lights in your ride?

The Drop Shop supplies and installs a wide range of new and used aftermarket lights.

From Cadillac Deville tail lights through to LED strip lights, individual light parts to complete light kits.

The Drop Shop has everything you will need to carry out your light conversion project.

Sheetmetal Parts & Services

Sheetmetal Tray

The Drop Shop offers a wide range of sheetmetal parts & services.

From shaved door handles through to one off custom sheetmetal bumpers, weve got you covered.

We carry a huge selection of hand made custom sheetmetal parts from our own TDS Metalworks division as well as a full range of Grant Kustoms products.

Static Lowering For Minitrucks

Static Drop

The Drop Shop offers static drops for Minitrucks only. These are ideal for someone who wants the low look without the expense of a full air suspension setup.

Re-set leaves, lowering blocks, step notches, drop spindles.....we can have your truck slammed and looking mean from as little as $1,500.

Many options available.

Suicide Door Conversions

A suicide door conversion is when your stock doors are re-hinged to open in a reverse direction.
Several major things need to be done to perform this modification including structural strengthening and door alignment.

Fully Equipped Workshop

Our workshop is set up as a dedicated minitruck and full size truck fabrication shop. We are equipped with the latest in mig, tig and arc welding equipment.

We are also fully equipped with plasma cutters, mag drills, benders, rollers and folders. and a full machine shop equipped with lathes, mills, and drills.

Start With Expert Advice

Due to the huge variety of different set-ups and lay-outs we ask all our customers to come in and discuss what they want from their ride. This will enable us to put together an air management system, install programme and price to suit your individual requirements.

Almost Anything Is possible

The Drop Shop can bag any vehicle you can think of, the possibilities are endless, our only limit is the size of your wallet. Big wheels, big body drops, huge wheel tuck, call us today and let us turn your idea into a reality.

Servicing & Certification Guarantee

Our installs all include certs and full back up service including a 500km and 5000km bolt check. All work performed is guaranteed to certifiable standard; use our certifier or your own.

Discounts on Parts & Accessories

A Drop Shop installation will entitle you to further discounts on selected Drop Shop parts, accessories, and services.